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Month: March 2015

Just Say Yes to Drugs.

It was June and we were there for a diagnostic evaluation. We hoped that getting input from a clinical psychiatrist would help us understand our oldest daughter’s recent behaviors — moodiness, irregular sleep pattern, preference towards isolation and detachment, difficulty maintaining personal relationships with peers, lack of interest in her romantic relationships, lack of motivation […]

A Wonderful Picnic Awaits…

In 2003 Buddhist monk and Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hahn held a retreat for Israelis and Palestinians where he relays the following anecdote: A student and a teacher walking one day see some people having a picnic. The student asks, “Why have we not shared a picnic? We too should slow ourselves down and enjoy a picnic.” […]

Smokin’ crack and swearin’ like a motherf@#%r

Let’s talk about kids’ movies. I contend that PG13 has become the new R. We recently took our daughter (age 13) to see the movie Black and White, rated PG13. It stars Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer, and is about a Grandfather who fights for custody of his Granddaughter. It was a lovely little movie. […]

The Primate and the Peace Activist

According to research pioneered by primatologist Frans de Waal, many primates possess a sense of morality and fairness absent any of the social structures humanity requires to function morally and ethically. For centuries we have constructed a myth to substantiate poor human behavior. We believe, “man is a wolf to man.” We believe that competition […]


Flash fiction challenge from Felicity at The prompt: Unspoken ***************** After crossing the Narrow River Bridge, I made the turn around at mile five and began heading back. Early morning sun sparkled on the water and the heat rose. Around the bend at mile six I saw her in the brush, at a crossroad stop […]

Never Stopping

When I discovered last week that Ronovan Writes was doing #BeWow Wednesdays, I knew I wanted to participate. I am all about positive thinking and it’s power. I pretty much believe that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to try and achieve. Obviously everyone cannot be President, or win an Oscar. But […]

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