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Month: April 2015

Four of a Kind

Once again another challenge from Charli at Carrot Ranch. This time the prompt was vice. You can find other responses at her blog site here. Glossy cards vibrated through his fingertips; Jack sat stone still, knowing. “Ok,” he said, “Call.” He pushed six stacks forward going all in. He had run that table nearly all […]

Turn a hose on ’em!

After reading some of the creepy texts sent to my daughter, or hearing about ‘requests’ made of some of her middle school friends, I have a simple question: What is wrong with us men? Pretty much for time immemorial boys have been hormonal beasts. Social media however has turned them into raging idiots. Look let’s […]

Winter Kill is Missing/Starvation

This past winter has been particularly difficult for the hawk living on our property out back. As his landlord I feel partially responsible. However the record 60 or so inches of snow is not my doing, neither is the scarcity of prey. He dips and dives moving from branch to barren branch. Something scurries across […]


Let’s start with a definition. To nurture means to encourage growth or development of something; it also means to cherish. On the face of it, this seems simple and straightforward and we apply this world mostly to childrearing. We say things such as: parents must nurture; mothers nurture inherently; schools must nurture students; this program […]

Blind leading the Stupid — a bit of a rant

Been thinking a lot about progress lately and what gets in the way of meaningful reform on any level. I’ve come up with a trinity of causes for this: ego, greed and selfishness. A number of situations have transpired at work the past several weeks and we are truly looking at some monumental reforms being […]

Top 10 Signs that Your Life Might be a Daytime Drama (or, you might be the poor, distant cousin of the Kardashians)

1. You wake up one morning and your mentally ill daughter is gone, leaving behind only a quote something to the effect of “Look for me near Walden.” 2. After spending a frantically stressful day locating your daughter, traveling to Boston, meeting with medical providers who declare her to be more ill than you have […]

Roses — flash fiction

So this is in response to a flash fiction challenge prompt by Charli at Carrot Ranch Communications. The challenge was to stay at 99 words and involve the theme of “nurturing”. Roses Stooped in the garden, mulching the fourth rose bush, an elderly woman appears outside my wrought iron fence. “Excuse me,” she says. “May […]


Today’s Poem of the Day prompt was to write a damage poem. Boxes brimmed heavy with belongings their top flaps tucked and untaped. Trash bags stuffed with sharp and pointed objects such as picture frames. Dreams and expectations carried for years callously dropped lay spidered and cracked. Saddened eyes of a meowing cat wander lost […]

Guest Blogger Today!

One of our readers, and fellow blogger, Strarr Bryson has branched out into her own writing consultant business. Starr is a writer, blogger and freelancer who focuses on author promotion, independant publishing and editorial services. Starr lives and writes in Pittsburg and has worked with a number of writers from around the country. Today she […]

Love Not Love

On April 7 the prompt was to write a love poem ************ We are told this thing we make fits between folded wings of Hallmark stock and yet we know that truth barely expresses the feeble notion which effortlessly slides inside the folded ivory seams of an unglued envelope. A notion which, truthfully, cannot be […]

Let the accusations fly….

So this is the insanity I have to live with. Apparently, my post Daffodils struck a nerve with certain relations who were mentioned. Apparently, people have a hard time reading and comprehending. My day today, following my 900 am class, consisted of a flurried buzz of messages and several texts that boiled down to the […]

Vegetable — Prompt for “Poem a Day”

Do Your Body Good Vegetables lack all hypocrisy. No self-respecting vegetable would ever consider a sticker so banal as to declare themselves “Au Naturale”. Fewer still could find the daring to woo you with ads declaring protein levels at a healthy high while also boosting your triglycerides. Statin drugs like Lipitor never were invented for […]

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