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Month: May 2015

Exercise in Vanity

The historical society allowed a film crew access to the stone tower in Touro Park. Their purpose — shed light on “the mystery of its ancient origin”. Mel and Tom watched bemused from an adjacent bench. “No mystery here at all,” remarked Mel. “Nope.” “Sign says it all,” Mel gestured at the carved marble post. […]

The 26%

I need to tell you why I am not writing about what I should be writing about — it is overwhelming, daunting and confusing. Essentially, this blog grew out of personal struggles with our oldest daughter and extended family. Originally we intended to dedicate time and space to the discussion of forms of mental illness, […]


Another response to Rebekah’s Flash!Friday flash fiction challenge. This week’ challenge had to include the conflict “Man vs. Nature” and a waterfall. This was my attempt…   Propped up against the tree he could see the falls clearly. That’s what they came here for after all. Lightheaded from the blood loss, his right arm had also […]

Q & A with “Order of Seven” author Beth Teliho

Beth Teliho has just published her first novel Order of Seven. The story centers around 18 year old Devi Bennet who must come to grips with her uncertain heritage, her mysterious dreams and her supernatural powers. This story of mind and spirt begins in the desert landscape of Odessa, Texas. The novel weaves deftly between […]

Speak to me, so I can hear your voice

  Use your words Say it like you mean it Express yourself I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what is wrong…. These are things we try to teach our children when they are learning to communicate and navigate relationships. These are things we say to partners and friends as we try to […]

What a kick in the soccer balls…

My daughter’s soccer team made the State Cup Championships this past weekend. They play in a premier league and the local competition that they faced had been challenging but not formidable. The held a lead for most of the match but several highly questionable calls by the center referee set up two goals which cost them […]


This piece was in response to the Flash! Friday micro fiction writing contest. The prompt for this week required setting to be “downtown” and  incorporate the photograph below (190-210 word limit). Merger negotiations broke up after the CFO stormed out. He was distracted, restlessly waiting on news from home. He really should have been on the […]

Confessions of a Haphazard Husband

I have a confession. I screwed up Mother’s Day big time. Frankly, this really isn’t anything new. I have a tendency to screw up my wife’s birthday, the occasional Christmas, and especially Valentine’s day (you have no idea). On the plus side, I do have a pretty consistent track record with my wedding anniversary for which […]


The hotel ballroom lobby is mobbed. I look for my daughter’s group but didn’t recognize anyone. This is usually my wife’s deal but she had to work and couldn’t come for the entire weekend. Missing this competition was killing her and my being solo certainly unsettled my 13 year-old daughter. I ask my daughter, “Do […]

Making Our Mortal Presence Known

My wife loves anything Egyptian so we went to that wing of The Metropolitan Museum of Art first and visited some artifacts — sarcophagi, stone fragments, remnants of cotton sheets, ancient scrolls, weapons and tools. Bodies and faces millennia old carved in granite and sandstone. Gods and goddesses whose stern gaze protected and reflected the will of […]

Here comes the monkey; PARCC is back!

Well, an email came through the other day from my daughter’s middle school. PARCC is back. Next week begins round two of the standardized test that has been the object of derision by parents and classroom educators since last February. Across the nation, in reaction to this misguided implementation, parents, students and teachers have been […]

Direct Translation

Another one of Charli’s challenges. The week’s theme was racism. ***** ***** ***** Direct Translation Gil sat in the Home Depot parking lot, drinking his coffee watching the Mexican day laborers collect by the bus stop, their foreign babble drifting through his open window. A group of kids driving by on their way to school […]

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