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Month: June 2015

From such great heights — Spaghetti

The real estate agent had just left him. Brenton sat at the expansive kitchen island waiting for the water to boil. She took too long roaming the Newport house; her ooo-ing and ahh-ing really pissed him off. Brenton knew the place was fantastic, at 3.5 million it should be.  Besides, he didn’t need a market […]

Little Things

About a year ago, Joe started bitching at Janice. Nothing major really. He harped on little things. Griping about the cheap hotdogs on the grill, her baking fewer cookies at Christmas, or going with ham instead of lamb at Easter. “Something’s wrong,” my wife observed. I shrugged. He kept later hours too, getting home late. […]

Equality = Equality

  e·qual·i·ty (əˈkwälədē/) noun noun: equality the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. The state of being equal. The same. Comparative treatment. This week saw a landmark decision by the Supreme Court on marriage equality. Now ALL citizens of the United States have the same opportunity when it comes to the […]

Ten Things of Thankful-a Sunshiney Edition

Another week has passed, time again to appreciate the things for which we are thankful. This week the weather was pretty great, hence the theme sunshine. 1. Our vacation is almost booked! This is super exciting!! We haven’t gone away for a ‘proper’ vacation in a few years because money has been tight, but when […]

Level 4A, 4B, 5A and 5B…

We are circling, looking for prey just like a shark. “I think I see something,” she says, “Over there.” I accelerate, point and swoop; nothing. “Shoot,” she says. Out of my peripheral, movement, a man’s head, bobbing. “There; there, follow him, follow him,” she urges as I quickly loop around the row only to find myself […]

Let it flow

“In the world there is nothing more submissive and weak than water. Yet for attacking that which is hard and strong nothing can surpass it.” Lao Tzu America has an interesting perspective when it come to defining weakness. Many in congress, and the popular conservative press, have been critics of the president’s diplomatic willingness to sit and […]

The Diseased Marrow of Tradition

This post will probably get me in trouble. When I proposed the subject to my wife a few minutes ago at breakfast she just sort of rolled her eyes and said, “Good luck. That topic is kinda hot right now.”  I consider that part of our problem as a nation — we shirk from the […]

Ten Things of thankful, one month in :)

This is my fourth TToT post, I cannot believe it. Everyone said I would love doing these weekly posts and they were right. It gives you a different perspective when you have to look back on your week and try to pick out things you appreciated. I really enjoy it, and I am thankful for […]

Happy Father’s Day Dad, love AK

When we fall in love and decide to get married we don’t take into account whether or not our spouse will be a good parent. At least I didn’t. But, I ended up with the best husband and the best father I could have ever asked for. He is truly a good man, through and […]

The Consequences of Not Feeling

I discovered the work of visual artist Chris Jordan back in 2009. Jordan works with photographic installations and digital reproductions which offer a glimpse into our “collective behaviors” that often go unnoticed. For example, he maintains that one person buying a cup of coffee at Starbucks and disposing of a paper coffee cup isn’t a problem. […]

Of Mythic Proportion

Cow parts littered the ground. Small pieces mostly but occasionally there appeared half a head or a hindquarter as if they’d already been slaughtered. Technically, they had. Just outside the blast radius was an actual half a cow – the animal sheared clean in two by shrapnel. Front half here; back half there. Miraculously some […]

Six Sentence Story — Match

She flew down the sideline effortlessly gliding past the defender, blonde ponytail streaking behind her. Unleashing with her left foot, the ball ricocheted off the crossbar and this would happen an uncountable number of times during the half – crossbar, post, wide, long, high. Each time the midfielders would feed the ball forward, she would blast […]

Clean up your damn mess

My youngest daughter has a habit of jettisoning her belongings as if she were a tornado. Backpack in the kitchen, shoes near the door, soccer uniform in the mudroom and socks in the pantry. Half-filled water glasses can be found on her dresser and once in a while I will notice an empty ice cream […]

A not-so silent film

Rumor was it could talk and Warner’s Theatre was showing one that Saturday. “How do they talk,” my little brother Harry wondered. “Same way you talk,” I answered. “But they’re pictures.” “Hurry up knucklehead or we’ll miss it.”   Dozens of people crushed the theatre entrance. Rudy and Jack ducked under the velvet ropes but […]

From such great heights — The Rope

Pierce, the SEC examiner looked at him optimistically. “I’m really tossing you a life-line here, Brenton,” he remarked. Brenton just nodded. “Apparently, you have remaining concerns,” he motioned to the confused look on Brenton’s face.  Over the weekend, Brenton saw Pierce’s boss on Face the Nation; he was not kind to Breton calling him out by […]

Tie-dye is good for the soul

I love tie-dye. A lot. And, not just as a fashion statement.  It is a serious hobby and I need little provocation to buy some shirts and stain the crap out of them. Ask my family. We must have over 100 empty squeeze bottles; I get shirts in bulk from discount suppliers; and whenever I see […]

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