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Month: July 2015

A Whisper of the Past

We have an extra bedroom in our house. It started out as a playroom, then morphed into a guest room that my Grandparents used while my Grandmother recovered from a hip replacement. Following that it became a trash pit for the “saveables”. A saveable is something my family deems worthy of saving, yet not worthy […]

Greyhound Prophet

“Why was I not told sooner,” Don Bonnaccorso asked of Thomas Weeks. Being a prudent consigliere, Weeks shrugged and twirled a tiny espresso spoon, his thumb pressed into the bowl, making circles across the white linen tablecloth. “I only just became aware,” Weeks answered. This was a lie and Bonnaccorso could tell by the way […]


“Understand,” he rested his hands on his son’s shoulders. “There are wolves in this world and there are rabbits.” A rivulet of blood crossed the otherwise immaculate tiled floor beneath the canvas curtain separating the barbershop from the stockroom. Lifting his young son to avoid the flow, he carried him to the side door. “Wise rabbits […]

A Tale of Two Mexicos

I have to admit, Mexico frightened me at first. Not in a Donald Trump “look who’s creeping over the border” sort of way, but more in a Dateline episode entitled “Dream Vacation becomes Family Nightmare” sort of way. Mind you, most of this pessimistic and unrealistic panic set in after booking the whole freaking thing […]

Ten Things of Thankful- Summer Fun Edition

This week was kind of weird. If you asked me a couple of days ago how it was going, I would have said it wasn’t that great. I didn’t sleep well most of the week, which always skews my outlook; S. was spewing more hate speech about us which was annoying among other things and […]

The Price of Everything

Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing. — Oscar Wilde   We had dinner at a friend’s house the other night and the subject turned to money. Specifically the ways in which, as a society we have become coerced into spending on all sorts of needless things. More importantly there […]

From such great heights — Drop

After fifteen minutes in the market, he realized it was no safer that the restaurants, bars or fast food joints lining Thames St. Once he finally settled on wild rice with mushrooms and a steak, Brenton turned the corner onto the breakfast aisle and saw Mel Carmichael. Her posture recognizable even from behind. Despite being […]

This vicious ribbon of gray

“This vicious whiteness became in my mind the frontier between the real and the unreal, between the known and the unknowable.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery Today is Sunday and I’m out for a long run. Sometimes I question why; but I already know the answer: the road is my church. I worship it.  The road gives […]

Down the Rabbithole

Twitter sucks. I came to the conclusion the other day that Twitter is a monumental waste of my f-ing time after being sucked into a battle of the tweets with an individual who felt that the current decline of the United States could only be resolved if the South rose again to fix it. Yea, that’ll solve […]

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