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Month: August 2015

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It is an odd thing watching some former, younger version of you – the thin veiled voice, the questionable fashion and longer hair – an earlier version of you trying to be, well, you. “Is that me,” you wonder; a deep and abiding question that plagues few other species aside from our own, who rarely […]

Ten Things of Thankful- A Busy Week Full of Thankfuls

This week was pretty busy. As a matter of fact, as we were reflecting on the week with friends yesterday we realized we hadn’t cooked dinner all week! I am also pretty sure AK did not have any fruits or vegetables either…ooops. But I do have a lot of thankfuls! The week started with a […]

I need a sabbatical

I sit on a committee that approves faculty sabbatical requests. We had a meeting yesterday that, really went smoothly and ridiculously quick. As we made small talk, the dean who oversees the committee remarked how necessary sabbaticals are for both personal and professional reasons and yet not many apply for them. This got me thinking […]

Rowing blind through the fog

Being a parent is in my estimation similar to striking out blind and hoping that the fog will lift, the sun will shine and the coast will be made clear before our boats crash against some distant and rocky shore. This seems so mainly because none of us are taught to be parents. As my […]

Be careful what you think…

I have a new screen saver with a tiny green Buddha. In the upper left corner there is the following quote: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” This often quoted passage is an alternate translation from the teachings of Guatama […]

Ten Things of Thankful-Soccer Season is here!

This week has been looming over us all summer, Tryout Week! It isn’t bad enough that these kids have to worry about starting a new, bigger school but most fall sports have tryouts right before school starts! So, we kept the schedule open/flexible this week so we could roll with whatever we needed to. Tryouts […]

Breaking The Innocent Heart

“So, is Jennifer dating Bryan,” I asked my daughter as we drove to practice. All the while keeping in mind that these kids are fourteen, and really do not ‘date’ in the true sense of the word. To them ‘dating’ means exclusivity, boyfriend and girlfriend, and an understood protocol of behavior. You will text me […]

Animal in Nature

The police had left long ago growing bored watching the anthropologist and her graduate assistant work methodically over the bones my wife and I uncovered in our backyard near what was going to be the location of a vegetable garden. Working together they had laid many of the bones across a white Tyvek sheet; she […]

Providing Cover

The overnight detective was young, respectful and professional; he started almost every sentence with, “I’m sorry sir, but…” Chief Barret felt he actually meant that. “Bring him,” he ordered and the detective nodded. When they brought him all he could say was, “It looks bad but they have it wrong. It was a wild frat […]

My Secret Passion

I know I stretched you to your limits, but I just had to get you to my special place. As soon as the door shut, I began to wind myself around you, enjoying the feel of you against me, entwined with me. We shared secrets in that darkened place; private communications, whispered tones. I long for those […]

Why do we expect so little?

This week I had a new walkway installed. The old walk was 13 years old and put in by yours truly. Over time it buckled and sank thanks to a maple tree — a much hated maple tree that my wife will not even consider chopping down. The landscaper we hired showed up with a crew […]

Ten Things of Thankful-The Generic Edition

Nothing too spectacular happened this week. I was tempted not to do a TToT, but then I realized that was lame. You can still be thankful in an otherwise uneventful week, and I am. I am thankful for: 1. Families that are such good friends that you can sit around and laugh with, parents as […]

I see you Alfred E. Neuman

After spilling his third glass of milk everyone at the dinner table began losing patience with Patrick. “Jesus, mom,” his older sister screeched trying to avoid the flow breaching her placemat and heading over the table’s edge into her lap. “Language,” their mother reprimanded. “It’s not his fault; it’s not your fault, honey,” she reassured. […]

Glamorizing the Non-glamorous

  We are disgusted by the dirty ashtray, and yet cigarettes and tobacco remain popular and to some degree “cool”. We decry the drug addict curled up behind the dumpster or struggling in rehab, yet we will Tweet about getting stoned, needing to get stoned or the new bong we just bought at the smoke […]

Ten things of Thankful-Man, It’s a Hot one

“Man, it’s a hot one Like seven inches from the midday sun” Such is the life of people without air conditioning, in 90 degree temperatures and 6 billion percent humidity. Like me. Most of this week has been spent trying to stay cool. Moving causes sweat. This is actually a thankful though, because it mandates […]

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