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Month: September 2015

What if equity existed?

 “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”  — from George Orwell’s Animal Farm,   Here is the headline from an article published today by The Brookings Institute: “The typical male U.S. worker earned less in 2014 than in 1973”. According to the Census Bureau, a male worker in the middle […]

Monday morning reflections

It’s Monday and I am home from school for a few hours. My youngest is home sick and I took the morning off to call her doctor, fill her prescriptions and harass her into doing some math work in case she actually goes to school tomorrow to take a quiz. Today really feels like fall […]

Let’s Try Something New…Chocolate Oreo Cream Cake!

It was my Grandmother’s 95th birthday on September 11 (I know horrible date, but it does make remembering easy) so the family got together last Sunday to celebrate. She has always been a fabulous cook, but as my daughter said, she has pretty much ‘retired’, it is a lot of work to cook for everyone! […]

Get your facts straight!

The question is simple and direct: should the federal government spend $500 million dollars on women’s health. Jeb Bush says, No. Ted Cruz says, No. Trump says, No a thousand times, No! Most of the field of Republican presidential hopefuls say, No. Their resounding chorus of ‘No’s is the direct result of partisan politics which […]

The Crime of Love

It started out innocently enough; they met on aisle five after he took the corner too quickly in hot pursuit of the granola she was pondering. An ‘I’m sorry for front-ending your carriage’ coffee turned into dinner and drinks, which led to endless nights spent together loving passionately, laughing freely. She was captivated by his […]

What if there were no luck?

Last week I almost hit a boy with my car. We were driving back from our annual “end of summer and back to school” dinner. We decided to visit a restaurant in Newport. As usual getting around the island was infuriating — it was Sunday of Labor Day weekend, it was a balmy 80+ degrees, […]

Grandparent’s Day is pissing me off

When I sign into Facebook and the first thing I see is this image with the caption “Happy Grandparents Day! Thank you to all those grandparents who helped shape our lives” … … well, it pisses me off. On a day that I am making a cake for my Grandmother’s 95 birthday party, that my daughter […]

Let’s Try Something New…

We are shaking things up a little this week here on The Plagued Parent. We have begun two new weekly features. Tony is doing a ‘what If’ series on Tuesdays (if you missed this week’s segment on double standards you can read it here), and I am going to be doing a new recipe each […]


Morning sun breaks through the slats of a sloppy half closed blind cutting shapes across the master bedroom. A ribbon of light falls over the cat’s purring belly. A bright brilliant burst reflects off the dresser’s mirror obscured only slightly by a pile of folded laundry. The bathroom illuminated brightly as though it’s high noon […]

King for a day?

The doorbell rang at 530 in the morning. My youngest daughter starts high school next week so there is not one damn reason for me, or anyone else for that matter, to be up at this un-godly hour. “The door,” my wife groans without rolling over. I mumble something to the effect of I know, […]

What if there were no double standards?

I really don’t want to write this post. More accurately, I really wish that I did not perceive the necesssity to write this post. Coming from a male perspective, these observations and the ensuing rant to follow should not be taken to suggest that the existing double standard needs me to vanquish it. I am not […]

Ten Things of Thankful- ‘It’s Good Shit Edition’

“You know it when you see it You know it when it’s there Like Michael Jackson’s Thriller Like Farrah Fawcett hair It’s good shit.” -Farrah Fawcett Hair by Capital Cities I truly believe life is about having experiences. Good or bad, big or small they need to be lived to the fullest, made the most […]

Alabama Watermelons

After complaints numbering in the thousands, the state sent Joe convicts to pick his watermelons. The governor’s degree had scared Joe’s migrant laborers away fearing deportation or worse. Dressed in denim jumpsuits with a broad white stripe down the middle, a busload of prisoners arrived at sunup and two hours into their workday all but three men […]

The Possibility of Pie

To become content with the content of one’s life seems an optimal goal. Many however struggle and bounce from false personae to false personae as rocks skim across the surface of an otherwise calm lake. To build certainty of self, constructed through life’s labor is a task worth toiling over; assembling the facets of being […]

Should I be ashamed that I’m not ashamed of shame?

Shame is usually considered a dirty word. Bear with us as we discuss how it may actually be a positive, motivating concept. We were sitting in a restaurant last week with my 14 year old daughter and her friend. They were discussing a situation they had heard about involving a 15 year old girl who […]

Hungry!? Again!?

“God, I’m hungry.” These are the first words out of my daughter’s mouth after picking her up from pre-season JV soccer practice. Honestly, having been a teenaged boy I didn’t think a species on the planet could eat more. That is until my youngest started training and conditioning in preparation for high school tryouts. Here […]

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