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Month: November 2015

Scavenger Hunt

I had decided that she would have to complete a scavenger hunt. We were living in our first house in Providence, a graceful two family home in one of the last true suburban neighborhoods in the city. She was coming home from her bartending job so the set up had been nervously completed hours before. In […]

What I learned from my daughter this weekend…

Confucius wrote that one in every three people you meet is a teacher and that those people have something important to teach you. In our role as parents we often fixate on our roles as teacher, guide and disciplinarian. We get caught up in the day to day struggles of making sure our kids get places […]

Why Can’t You Act Like A Four Year Old?

  Have you ever noticed the paradox that growing up presents? Do you practice the ‘lessons’ that you learned as a child? Do you teach those same lessons to your children?   When I was growing up, preschool wasn’t a thing yet. My class all started our educational adventure together, in kindergarten, for half a […]

As Close as it gets to Far Away

Close is a relative term, and Nicholas always felt a bit of a fraud when someone would comment on how close his family seemed to be. Sure there were family parties, enviable vacations, shuffling of children to and from activities, as well as the show of a united front of familiar support at sporting events […]

Emotional Customer Service

Sometimes we get lost, our bearings go askew. The compass in our hearts wobbles as it seeks some emotional equivalent of the magnetic north. As the needle wavers we waver with it wondering how we could have gotten here. How is it, we think, that I misjudged the point of reference, so wrong about the thing […]

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