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Month: February 2016

Donald Trump and the Placebo Effect

Listening to Boston Public Radio yesterday afternoon, the program hosts marveled with glee at the way Donald Trump and Marco Rubio went at one another in Thursday’s final Republican debate prior to next week’s Super Tuesday primaries. By all accounts Rubio hammered Trump on a number of issues revealing Trump’s lack of actual healthcare plan as […]

Daydreams and Molotov Cocktails

What do you do when life hands you a really shitty situation completely out of your control? Many of you know our story, for the past seventeen months our lives have been a drama of epic proportions. Recently I was talking with a good friend who said to me, “I don’t even know how you […]


Marta sat in the great hall studying Physiology with Marcus and two girls whose names she could not remember. They considered moving to the lounge because chairs and podiums were being set up for a mock presidential debate. Marcus, a basketball player, nixed the move saying, “Everything in that room is too small for me.” The girls laughed. Marta […]

A Broader View

A year ago I contributed a piece  on the theme of compassion for the group 1000 Voices Speak. Today they celebrate their one year anniversary. Their overall prompt for an anniversary post was, generally speaking, a sort of “update” on our thoughts one year later. I’d like to say the news is good. I like […]

The Beginner’s Mind

When we are children we know nothing. We’re reminded of this constantly as we grow, so much so that we amass grand amounts of information that we call “knowledge”. We keep all that information, all that so called knowledge, nestled in our brains and recall it every chance we get in order to justify assumptions, prove […]

To Place in a Special Way

I sit at the kitchen table looking out over the snow covered deck. It’s almost 930 and we’re just clocking in to our second snow day of the year. Apparently this big bastard of a storm is flying up the coast and by the time it hits New England it’ll have the same punch as a […]

All Eyes on Me

The charges were salacious and had all the elements of melodrama: rival network executives (that Bill personally hated), political collusions, influence peddling, the Chinese but with one tiny extra wrinkle: none of it was true. Despite this he was ready to “allege” it on air — he’d apologize later of course, fire a research assistant or two and the […]

Becoming Human

“No matter what mistakes and illusions have marked my life, most of it I think has been happiness and, as far as I can tell, truth.”  — Thomas Merton January 31st commemorates the birth of mystic, writer and Trappist monk Thomas Merton. One thing that always amazes me about his writing is Merton’s profound honesty with […]

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