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Month: September 2016

Spiced Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

It is officially Fall and while I don’t support the Pumpkin Spice craze, I can definitely get behind a Spiced Pumpkin bread! Especially when it includes chocolate chips! I got this recipe from my friend Amy (the creator of this yummy ice cream treat) and added my own twist to it. The recipe makes two […]

You Go Girl!

My 15-year old daughter never ceases to surprise me. Recently she’s brought up a number of cultural inconsistencies that are driving her batty. In fact, they would no doubt make many of us bat-shit crazy too if we only bother to open our eyes and apprehend them. Observation One: Boys don’t get wardrobe infractions.  The question […]

Hashtag This!

From time to time we are made aware of things our oldest does on the internet. For example, the Father’s Day tribute she paid to her Grandfather and Uncle, calling them the men who raised her. Ouch. That was not a flesh wound. Or this… #MyTendencyToCallMyselfADadisRootedInADeepLackofFatherlyAcceptance #Freud #Heck What to make of this, I thought. My […]

Fairy Tales of the Mind

Sometimes I wonder what (or who) lives deep inside the mind. More importantly I wonder when they moved in and claimed their space. Worse still, like recently graduated millennials, once these notions move in they tend to reside rent free. Who can we blame for these fairy tale notions that distract us from living our lives? […]

Microscopic Aggression is an Oxymoron

So have you heard the latest bullshit about microaggressions? In a recent post about trigger warnings, a reader posted a comment asking this question. As a matter of fact I have heard about this latest bullshit called microaggressions. As a matter of fact, I responded, I was considering a post on that very topic. Here […]

Chocolate Chunk Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Buttercream Frosting

These cupcakes are delicious, and almost muffin-like. Full of yummy chocolate chunks I love to eat them as is, without frosting. Recently we were going to a cookout and I wanted to make them, but decided they needed to be dressed up a bit. A light vanilla bean buttercream frosting was the answer! I hope […]

Trigger this!

Actually, no part of your classroom education should be intellectually “safe”. This is how I began my semester last week, by reminding a new crew of Freshman that if you’re practicing “safety” in the classroom, then you are not stretching your intellectual boundaries. Let me explain… Over the past several years or so colleges, universities and […]

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