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64 Days? That’s it? Oy vey!

This isn’t like me…

For the first time in my adult life, I am actually rooting for a politician, a president, to fail. I’ve never felt this way before and I grew up in the Reagan years — which oddly enough many seen to pine nostalgically for.

Some want to blame government for the muck ups. Government though has never been the problem, it’s the elected idiots we put in power who are the problem. Maybe these politicians need to see their partisan ideologies fail. Maybe these fools need to crash and burn.

At this moment, we lay witness to a comic opera and in my opinion, we are seeing the beginnings of the worst presidency ever. Yup, I said it.

Worst. Presidency. Ever.

Barely 63 days into this dog and pony show and look at the turmoil thus far. Also, let’s not forget that the majority of the Trump Administration’s turmoil has been self-inflicted. Any change to our current system should, as John Adams suggests, benefit all the people — not just 1%, and certainly not the Russians. Too bad the Disrupter-in-Chief doesn’t share Adams’s beliefs.

He couldn’t make a deal.

Take a look at the pig of a health care bill the Republican House was attempting to pass this week. Even with a resounding majority, this president proved less than artful with his deal-making prowess. I guess business acumen and political experience are not the same thing. And it turns out that leading a privately held company — where no stockholders hold you to account — is not the same as leading a government — where you are certainly accountable to, well, um, everyone.

My favorite part, blaming House Democrats for not being bi-partisan.

In the oval office, after Speaker Ryan announced the American Healthcare Act was being pulled for lack of support, Trump had the testicular fortitude to suggest that if a only few Democrats has worked with him this would be a done deal.

Excuse me but I just had an aneurism.

Really?!? Really?!?

That’s why “repeal and replace” didn’t happen? Because of Democrats?

Holy crap! I just had another aneurism.

For the first time in a decade or so, Republicans hold the White House, the Senate and the House. For crying out loud, passing a legislative agenda should be as easy as passing the biscuits at Thanksgiving.

But it has only been 63 days; give the guy a break, right?

Trump also had the gaul to suggest that no one promised, nor expected healthcare reform had to be done in 63 day; it’ll just take longer. After all, who knew that healthcare was so complicated.  To quote John Oliver, “F*@!ing everybody, that’s who!”

Republicans have been campaigning to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act for seven years. Seven years. The party of ‘No’ had 25,555 days to work on this thing. They didn’t. They didn’t because they couldn’t. Former Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said as much to CNN this past February:

“This is not all that hard to figure out, except this,” Boehner said. “In the 25 years that I served in the United States Congress, Republicans never, ever one time agreed on what a healthcare proposal should look like. Not once,”

Why should that change now?

Frankly, it won’t.

Surveying the political landscape, what I see appears Buchanan-esque. As citizens, we need to pay close and particular attention to the details. We truly can’t afford the irrationality of partisanship here; nor can we afford scapegoating.

Instead citizens should focus on our need for mutual survival. To quote de Tocqueville: “In a democracy, the people get the government they deserve.”

President Obama said the following about the Office of the President:

“I have to tell you, this office, it’s about who you are and what you are and it doesn’t change after you occupy the office – it just magnifies it.”

I don’t like what I see magnified by that office.

Trump’s hubris, amateurism, big mouth and hyperactive Twitter thumbs have an entire political party running around like cackling hens.


After four years, I hope his push towards “greatness” ends up being worth it. At some point this satire will cease to be comic and risks lapsing into tragedy.


Updated: March 30, 2017 — 8:52 am


  1. When I see photos of Bush 2.0 now, I can’t help but cock my head to the side and go “Aww…” Whodathunk he’d be missed!

    1. I have found myself doing the same thing. Did you ever think that day would come? I sure as hell didn’t. Thanks.

  2. A friend’s mom posted something on her Facebook about how President Obama took funds from Freddie Mac to pay for the ACA or something, and it was from Infowars, so I explained why that’s insane and incorrect, and her response was “I’m tired of you liberals not giving the president a chance to prove himself, I feel sorry for him and his family”. Hasn’t had a chance to prove himself? How about golfing nearly every weekend on the country’s dime at his own resorts?

    I’m with you – the sooner this guy and all his goons go to jail forever, the better. For like, literally the whole world. He might be the worst thing.

    1. Obviously I am with you on this one. What kills me is that Obama had 8 years and the “conservatives”, both political and civilian, fought him tooth and nail — why did they give him a chance? or, feel bad for his family? The Trump Brand (I hesitate to call it a “family” if I may be so judgey) has been behaving badly for decades and profiting from it. His credo seems to be how to get other people to pay for your “dinner”. Sad. Sick. Wrong.

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