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posts about surviving our children, the Baby Boomers who raised us, and everyone else with an opinion...

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Christina and Anthony Amore live and work in southern Rhode Island. Both are college professors (he of English and she of Criminal Justice Studies). Both are raising two young adult girls, a situation naturally fraught with the standard trials and tribulations that could only be intensified by complications concocted by this 21st century — status, social media and technology, identity crises and questions of self, cultural preoccupation with celebrity, transformations of societal norms, etc.

This blog hopes to address universal conflicts contemporary parent’s face through the personal story of our family’s struggle. The insights shared are our own, as are the opinions. We hope to think and write deeply about issues of concern to parents just like us.

You can read more about our personal story here.


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  1. Just discovered your blog! As a Baby Boomer, I could be one of the ‘boomers who raised you’, but probably not (!) I too have been involved in raising a young adult girl. I feel your pain. Some of my stories might cheer you up, or at least make you feel pretty darned good about the job you’re doing. Feel free to check out ‘On Being a Yo Yo Ma’ and ‘Gone Baby Gone’


      I will definitely check out the blogs. And, thanks for taking the time.

  2. We have two girls 11 months apart…and although they are only toddlers right now I am already dreading the teenager stage of 2 girls…we have 2 teenage boys right now and it’s only a taste of what’s to come


      Parenting is an endurance sport. I think we worry more than any other generation of parents because we are more involved. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing but it certainly is a “thing”. Good luck to you. We’ll all make it to the other side.

  3. I’ve raised four girls who are all married with children. Still have that ‘adult’ boy to raise who is off at college and doing well. Boys tend to take longer to get it! 😉 ~elle


      Yes, yes we do. That’s why we need some steadying female influence in our adult lives — wife, daughter, friends — to remind us what it means to be a balanced human being. Thanks for visiting, reading and commenting.

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