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Pies in the Sky

Rolling out the dough across the floured countertop becomes her silent lament. Time was the kitchen would filled with bustling bodies. Twice yearly they baked pies — fall apple; summer blueberry. Fruit would be harvested and sorted, washed and peeled, tiny hands sticky with everything. Fewer local farms now, fruit comes in small plastic supermarket […]

No Shop November… Um, what?

Around the beginning of November my wife offered us a proposal: Let’s try to eat all the food in our house. Not all at once, mind you, but over the month. See, we are notorious for buying on sale, stocking, forgetting and then tossing food in the garbage. Especially leftovers, and the¬†same pattern ensues¬†each and […]

Let’s Try Something New…Chocolate Oreo Cream Cake!

It was my Grandmother’s 95th birthday on September 11 (I know horrible date, but it does make remembering easy) so the family got together last Sunday to celebrate. She has always been a fabulous cook, but as my daughter said, she has pretty much ‘retired’, it is a lot of work to cook for everyone! […]

Let’s Try Something New…

We are shaking things up a little this week here on The Plagued Parent. We have begun two new weekly features. Tony is doing a ‘what If’ series on Tuesdays (if you missed this week’s segment on double standards you can read it here), and I am going to be doing a new recipe each […]

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