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Effortless Effort?

I screwed up my knee. For the past three weeks running has been painful. Equally painful is the fact that the registration deadline for the half-marathon came and went on June 30th. True I can still register and run the race in October as planned — a birthday gift to myself which I announced months […]


  Midway up the hill, I meet the voice of another runner: end-of-season me. End-of-season me had some sharp words for my negative rantings expressed while trudging up the gravel road adjacent to the river. I pushed his voice back, trying to ignore it so I could focus on potholes and fissures cutting through the packed […]

To Place in a Special Way

I sit at the kitchen table looking out over the snow covered deck. It’s almost 930 and we’re just clocking in to our second snow day of the year. Apparently this big bastard of a storm is flying up the coast and by the time it hits New England it’ll have the same punch as a […]

What I learned from my daughter this weekend…

Confucius wrote that one in every three people you meet is a teacher and that those people have something important to teach you. In our role as parents we often fixate on our roles as teacher, guide and disciplinarian. We get caught up in the day to day struggles of making sure our kids get places […]

Hungry!? Again!?

“God, I’m hungry.” These are the first words out of my daughter’s mouth after picking her up from pre-season JV soccer practice. Honestly, having been a teenaged boy I didn’t think a species on the planet could eat more. That is until my youngest started training and conditioning in preparation for high school tryouts. Here […]

This vicious ribbon of gray

“This vicious whiteness became in my mind the frontier between the real and the unreal, between the known and the unknowable.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery Today is Sunday and I’m out for a long run. Sometimes I question why; but I already know the answer: the road is my church. I worship it.  The road gives […]

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