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Browned and Tan Cookies

If you are looking for a cookie chock full of flavor and chips this is the one for you! Browned butter deepens the flavor and butterscotch chips and toffee bits add a little ‘tan’ to the mix. Browned and Tan Cookies Ingredients: 2 sticks of unsalted butter 1 1/2c. all purpose flour 1c. bread flour […]

No Bake Dark Chocolate Oreo Tart

The Patriots playing in their 7th Super Bowl with Tom Brady at the helm deserved a special dessert. This tart is no bake and uses a microwave to melt the chocolate, what is easier than that?!   No Bake Dark Chocolate Oreo Tart Ingredients: For the tart: 60 Oreo cookies 1 stick unsalted butter, melted […]

Taking Turns

“You’re too little,” was what he kept telling his sister Trudy each time he leveled the air rifle at the makeshift targets lined up near the stone wall out back. “But Dad says to share,” she reminded and that much was true but Trudy was, well, Trudy and anything he could do to aggravate her he took full advantage […]

Chocolate Chip Kahlua Cream Cake-Two Ways, Easy and Even Easier

This recipe is so easy, and so yummy! It starts with a boxed cake mix, and only needs one bowl what’s easier than that? I originally got this recipe from a neighbor and it has become a standard go to in our house. For Thanksgiving I was making two, so I decided to try to […]

Tis the Season

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone. Evidence of the holiday lingers throughout the kitchen: the container that held the last pumpkin muffin with cinnamon cream cheese frosting laden with crumbs, a bag of brown sugar leaning against its half-brother powdered sugar, two pieces of apple strudel that somehow survived the onslaught, and several counters that […]

Watch This

When we started this blog a couple years ago, the furthest thing from our minds was making money or advertising products. Recently a company named JORD (pronounce Y-ord) contacted us by email and I pretty much overlooked the message as another form of spam. Several weeks ago my wife asked, “Did you see that email from […]

Nerve Endings

My daughter is at the kitchen table a bundle of nerves. Finals week. Soccer tryouts. There doesn’t seem to be enough time. The phrases, “I’m not” and “I can’t” are tossed about. At some point the tears start. We reply with the old standards: “You have to” and “You will” and “It will be fine”. […]

Industrious Revolution

Andrew Jackson congratulated Samuel Slater on his ability to spin thread. Waters from the Blackstone flowed and the wheel moved. Hundreds of wheels up and down its banks. The mighty center of work and industry crafting cables, jewelry, locks, locomotive engines, knives and chains. Until industry evaporated and work moved to points farther south and […]

Ten Things of Thankful- ‘It’s Good Shit Edition’

“You know it when you see it You know it when it’s there Like Michael Jackson’s Thriller Like Farrah Fawcett hair It’s good shit.” -Farrah Fawcett Hair by Capital Cities I truly believe life is about having experiences. Good or bad, big or small they need to be lived to the fullest, made the most […]

Alabama Watermelons

After complaints numbering in the thousands, the state sent Joe convicts to pick his watermelons. The governor’s degree had scared Joe’s migrant laborers away fearing deportation or worse. Dressed in denim jumpsuits with a broad white stripe down the middle, a busload of prisoners arrived at sunup and two hours into their workday all but three men […]

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