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Crab Apple Crisis

She thought it ridiculous their son had been stuck for hours in that tree.

“Help him now,” she told her husband.

Through the slider he saw the boy caught in high crooked branches, “He”ll figure it out.”

“Two hours,” she folded into a harsh angle pointing. “Go.”

With a nod the ladder was gotten, but his son had fallen shirtless to the ground. He sprinted to him.

“My back’s scraped,” he said. “Apples are safe; tied in my shirt.” Four crabapples the size of chestnuts rolled free, “Mom can make pie.”

He kept quiet, saying, “Very wise move, son.”


99 word story for weekly Flash Fiction Challenge at Carrot Ranch



Updated: May 23, 2017 — 3:52 pm


  1. What a great story that captures the perspectives of both parents and child, yet reveals unexpected stakes. Hope mom is prepared to figure out a pie!

    1. She seems to me a mother who’ll figure something out for the conquering hero who returns…

  2. I love the detail that these are walnut size. The sacrifice is more poignant this way!

  3. Pureness of intention!

    1. As I said earlier, it’s all about the pie.

  4. Glad he had his priorities straight!

    1. Pie before all else. Especially if there’s ice cream…

  5. This was so creative. I love the ending!

  6. Sweet little story! Reminded me how I scraped my bare back on tree bark as I fell from a tree fort when I was 6. Scratches from neck to waist. Mom didn’t make me a pie since it was an oak tree, but she did give me beautiful pink Methiolate coating for my back! Yeow! Remember Methiolate anyone? The tiny bottle, the glass wand…? Childhood is filled with adventures!

    1. I remember Mercurochrome, that awful brownish orange stuff my parents dabbed on cuts and scrapes also with a glass tube. Bactine was my favorite though — it didn’t sting and I loved the smell; still do.

    1. Hopefully his pie will be just as sweet. Thanks…

  7. I know this isn’t the most logical takeaway and the story is wonderful, but: can you make pie from crabapples? Can you EAT crabapples?

    1. Yes. Besides you can eat anything if you add enough sugar…

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