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We all need a space of our own. Built of our own hands which we will defend from all manner of assaults either real or imagined.

We all need a space where we can hide and contemplate our future dealings with the tensions this world creates.

This space, this fortress can hover high above it all, but that’s not totally necessary. It can easily be a burrow warm and deep beneath the chaos of the surface.

If I had to choose, I would certainly opt for a tree fort. Something hovering up above it all; flying without having to take flight. Maybe a tree fort is attractive because instinctually we want to be high above all the petty nonsense. We want always to be safe from four-legged predators, or more likely two-legged ones, that seek to do us harm.

From up above you can see them coming. You can prepare.

You can stockpile water balloons and comic books, snacks and treasures.

You can have a password (essential) and a gruesome flag to scare off intruders (required) and of course an awesome name (necessary).

You can have uniforms, t-shirts, or stupid hats. It doesn’t matter so long as you know you’re all part of the same group, you’re all in this thing together.

And when your pals get to be too much, you can always pull up the rope ladder and spend time quietly eating your stash of snacks, reading your cache of comic books, and counting your hoarded treasures.

Or, you can taunt them just for fun.

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  1. Another trip down memory lane. As a kid, I had a ‘fort’ in the heart of a copse of bushes at the edge of our property. We had a secret way in and could see people coming, but we’re convinced no one would find us there. It’s where I got my first kiss! Find me here.LINK

    1. Hidden in plain sight, deep within the heart of nature. Great memories. Thanks for sharing Susanne.

  2. LOL Yes, fortresses are great. We had a “clubhouse” in the lot behind our backyard when I was younger but I think a tree house would be much cooler! We didn’t have a password either.

    F is for Fleetwood Mac

    1. We had a number of variations too — forts, clubhouses, hideouts — call ’em what you will they gave us a place to play by our own rules and take control of our reality even if for only a little while.

  3. Tree forts are intuitively cool. You don’t even need an explanation. That said, I like yours!

  4. Isn’t this the truth! I so need a tree fort. In fact, I love the whole tiny house concept so I’d probably try to live in one. But, there wouldn’t be enough room for my daughter and all of our books! This was wonderful. (I especially loved the Calvin and Hobbes comics.)

    1. I’ve seen sites online with actual designs/plans for adult sized tree houses. At one point I think HGTV had a brief series showing them off. That’s the kind you need. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. Loved this post. You took me back to my childhood. We didn’t build a fortress but we did spend a lot of time climbing trees and dangling from branches and stealing unripe mangoes from other people’s trees or just scoffing down guavas and litchis from my grandfather’s garden. Getting terrible tummy aches due to unripe fruit consumption was part of the deal:)

    1. What could be better than hanging out in trees and eating their fruit? Sorry for the stomach aches, but I guess that’s an occupational hazard of being a kid.

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