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Halloween Leftovers


He held his daughter’s hair while she vomited into the toilet. An array of undigested colors and shapes propelled themselves from deep within her seven-year-old body. She convulsed and moaned slightly. “What did you eat,” he asked.

“Candy,” she muttered as he wiped her face with a cold face cloth.

“I know that,” he said. “But how much?”

She threw up again. “Just one,” she mumbled, “like you said.”

Just one, he thought. A Swedish Fish bobbed in the toilet bowl.

Tucking her in, he asked again, “Just one?”

“Yea,” she said. “One Butterfinger, one Snickers, one Skittles, M&Ms…”


Flash Fiction for Charli at Carrot Ranch.

Updated: March 25, 2016 — 8:31 am


  1. Ha, ha … just one! Just one of each! Gross, but one I think anyone with kiddo experience can relate to. It expresses that innocence of misunderstanding what “just one” meant!


      Those little ones can certainly turn confusion into craftiness. At that age it’s all fun and games. What keeps me up at night is the gamesmanship and “innocent confusion” of teens… Thanks again for the prompt Charli.

  2. I’m chuckling along with this flash. 🙂


      Glad you found it humorous Kate. I think a version of this actually happened in my house, minus the puking.

  3. One year my son was offered sausage rolls, which he is partial too, and later whilst puking, he revealed that on top of the sweets he had eaten 10 sausage rolls! LOL!

    1. All I can say to that is — Ewww! Thanks Linda.

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