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Jungle Cat

Problem with having a jungle cat as a best friend is that he is a jungle cat.


Despite his better qualities — emotional sensitivity, intelligence, obvious moral superiority — he is still instinctually ferocious. True, he’s got a fair amount of patience and self control but even once in a while, when pushed to the limit he’ll snap, like when you hit him with a water balloon, step on his tail, or take the pillow fight just a little too far.

In joyful moments, his animal nature gets the best of him  Sometimes he’ll forget his own strength when he should contain some of that feline enthusiasm. School is hard enough with Mrs. Cranky Face forcing word problems down your throat and Jake that cement-headed bully shaking you down at recess, but to have face the ominous threat of physical devastation after that long walk from the bus stop can be psychologically  daunting.

Sure he misses you, but does he have to say ‘Hello’ with a hug at warp speed?

You really can’t complain when he treats you like prey, he’s a tiger after all and you can’t blame a guy for just being himself. He does have stripes; you know the deal. In a way you’re really fortunate he hasn’t eaten you whole by now.

I suppose it’s better than the alternative.

He could be running around the neighborhood eating the neighbor’s pets or the neighbors themselves.

It could be worse: you could have no best friend at all.

To be sure, having a jungle cat as a best friend comes with challenges but in the end the perks are worth the minor inconveniences of periodic cuts, bruises and ER visits.

Honestly, who else will nap on a tree branch with little to no convincing?

A jungle cat, that’s who.


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Updated: April 12, 2017 — 7:48 am


  1. My roommate use to have a beautiful coffee table book on Calvin and Hobbes. She loved the comic. WeekendsInMaine

    1. Clearly she had exceptional taste.

    2. My best friend’s mom growing up had it as restroom material. 😉

  2. Love that last picture and the coming home from school one. So cute!
    J is for Journey

    1. Thanks Janet and my favorite part of the picture is the way that Calvin is knocked right out of his shoes.

  3. So clever! In my 20s I thought I wanted to work with jungle cats. True.

    1. I wonder if you are thankful now that you did not? Especially if you value having ten fingers and toes…

  4. Sweet, playful, and beautifully written. <3

  5. One of my jungle cats is currently curled up next to me on the couch taking a jungle cat nap, which includes some adorable snoring. Hopefully, she will wake up soon so we can go fora ride in my red wagon!

    1. Get out the Go-pro for that one and upload the result to Instagram and YouTube.

  6. I think a jungle cat might make a friendlier companion than my domestic cat!

    1. If the jungle cat is Hobbes then perhaps. He is certainly less aloof than the feline that shares our residence.

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