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When I think about it, Calvin is mostly always in motion; he rarely stops.

Dancing, playing, riding his wagon. Truly he rarely sits still. For him every waking minute is recess. Probably as it should be. Researchers say we live a sedentary lifestyle these days. They say we need to move more. Stuck behind a desk in some grey and morbid cubicle is no way to live (sorry, cubicle dwellers no offense).

Get outside.

Turn your face to the sunshine. Forget that you’re a grownup. Or just stand up and move around. We’re meant to.

We’re also meant to go out into the world and move through it. We’re built to skip rocks over the surface of a pond, bounce ourselves from stone to stone across a brook, and climb the occasional tree.

Chase things, too.

Rabbits, toads, frogs, snakes even.

Hell, I was chasing a couple garter snakes last weekend.

My wife said, “Stop acting like an eight-year-old.” I imagine this sort of behavior embarrassed her as we were collected with other adults at a soccer field watching our kids “audition” for college soccer coaches. Her comment made me smile.

I stopped, sort of.

But the snakes just kept slithering around in the leaves near my boots. They’d crane their faces up towards the April sun craving heat. When my friend joined us, and my wife pointed out my find, and one of us, I can’t recall whom, reiterated the “eight-year-old” gag.

To which I added something like, Maybe if we all acted like eight year old’s experiencing┬ánature, perhaps the world wouldn’t be such a crappy mess.

So get out there. Get out there and move.


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Updated: April 13, 2017 — 4:55 pm


  1. Kinetic is one of my favorite words. Sitting at a screen all day I have to remind myself of your advice.

    1. Yes, and it seems kind of nuts that we have to build movement into our daily lives, but this is the world we have.

  2. Love the dancing! Not sure I would be chasing any snakes though!
    K is for Kihncert

    1. They’re not as threatening as they ssss-seem.

  3. I’m all about being outside and getting dirty! Pretty sure my toddlers think *I’M* the wild one sometimes but meh…I wish we had snakes in our garden!! We’re lucky to get a toad or two at times :-/

    1. Glad to see you’ve resisted the urge to grow up. Maybe if more adults acted “child-like” rather than “childish” the world would be a better place all the way around.

  4. I read somewhere that every 15 minutes of seated time we should get up and move around. Most 8 year olds wouldn’t even last that long.

    1. I wonder what the record is for an 8 year old sitting still?

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