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A raft of research has existed pretty much since the dawn of mankind that concludes the following:

Naps rule.

As a species we don’t always fee this way. When we are small and stupid — during our toddler years — we fight the napping process. We cry and scream and scream some more until we eventually pass out in our cribs and “big kid” beds.

There are those days however, when in the middle of a rather insane meeting about the all important Henderson account you really just need a nap. Some business recognize this and, like Google, have installed napping pods for people to grab a power nap.

Again, evidence regarding the benefits of taking the occasional power nap remains plentiful and still a fair number of “grown-ups” who resist the nap as a sign of weakness. Listen, when even a cartoon tiger espouses the virtue of the cat nap it seems highly flawed to argue against it.

Aside from the power nap, let’s not forget the all important luxury nap.

That is the nap you take just for the sake of taking it.  The ‘let the sun beat down on my face’ nap. The ‘thank god for fresh air’ nap. The ‘just because I can’ nap. Next to the power nap beneath your office desk, this is — in my opinion — the greatest form of napping because it sends a message: I’m off the clock.

All you need is a hammock, a patch of grass or a tree limb.

But most of all, I think we can all relate to the escape nap.

Yes, that’s the avoidance nap. The nap you take when you just need a break from the spouse, the kids, the in-laws, the crap that doesn’t make any sense and hell, for that matter, the crazy whole world.

An escape nap is the king of all naps in the sense that it provides a vital psychological and spiritual reset for our very being.

Naps are little rest stops on this road trip called life. Without them, living would be the equivalent of traveling that long stretch of Interstate 95 South on the way to Florida, through the Carolinas without having South of the Border and Pedro to look forward to.

Yea, not my kind of road trip.

No matter how you look at it naps rule. Naps offer opportunities to prepare, recover and restore. Three vital aspects we need to maintain momentum in our daily acts of living.

So, finish reading already and go take a nap.


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Updated: April 17, 2017 — 11:08 am


  1. Yes! I am fortunate to be able to work from home and there have been those days when I just needed to step away from the computer and take a nap before I fell asleep in the middle of typing a report. Love your series!

    1. Being that tired is an interesting sensation. It feels like a huge, heavy blanket has been dropped on you.

  2. I just cannot nap. I don’t know what it is, I seem to lack the capacity for naps. Unless I’m really ill, then I need to nap, that’s how you know when I’m really poorly.

    When I was at Uni everyone would take a nap in the afternoon if they didn’t have any classes and I just couldn’t do it. I’d sit up and play The Sims instead, hehe.

    1. What!?! Inconceivable. You need to get to the bottom of this nap-less condition ASAP.

  3. My husband and I are going on a cruise soon and do you know what one of our very favorite things to do while cruising? NAPPING! No stress, no guilt, no alarm clock. I’m so with you here! 🙂

    1. Noting better than vacation naps.

  4. I have this problem with sleeping. Like, I don’t want to. And yet, napping always feels so good. I am a contradiction. Walking.

    1. Well, knowing it is half the battle as they say.

  5. I love naps! I just took one! Probably if more people could nap, they would be happier and healthier!

    1. I’m jealous. I’m so backlogged with comments that it is the main thing standing between me and a rainy day siesta.

  6. Great minds thing alike! I just wrote a post about how exhausted I was, and now you’re telling me that naps rule. This is awesome news. 🙂

  7. I’m crazy about naps and I like the classifications you have given them. Of course, I rarely take a nap these days because I am too busy and afraid if I nap I will bring on a night of insomnia. But when I’m retired I plan to perfect the power, luxury and escape naps. With practice I believe I can do it! I have plenty of room under my desk now for a forbidden work nap. I sure wish my company would provide some nap pods.

    1. Busy?! Too busy to nap!?! Then you my friend must nap. And if you happen to be awake all night think of all the reading and writing you can do. Then again, you could do that during the day and then just “nap” at night. You know what, ignore me and my severely limited knowledge of human physiology.

  8. Napping is one of my favourite pastimes – the benefit of gaining a grandbaby is that I now qualify for Nana Naps – and I certainly needed one by the time everyone went home after the Easter visit down to us!
    Leanne | cresting the hill

    1. There you have it. Total up-side any way you look at it.

  9. That’s interesting – I’ve always considered my lunchtime nap as a flaw. Perhaps not 🙂

    1. Oh, no, you are most certainly genetically superior and that is the trait that will likely save our species. A flaw? C’mon.

  10. I LOVE naps! Best invention EVAHHH!

    1. Your comment needs no reply. None at all, except a *nod*

  11. Awww…a hammock nap. In Mexico. That’s my happy place.

    1. I can hear the surf as we speak.

  12. I’ve never been much of a napper. It seems that in my family, my sister got allocated my sleep quota. I was always awake and she was always asleep!

    1. What a wacky trade-off. Interesting how two people that share DNA can be so different in that respect.

  13. I am so jeaulous of people who can enjoy a short nap, I just can’t do that. I can’t do naps, once asleep I need my proper 5-6 hours sleep. If I would have to get up after half an hour or so, I would be more tired than before. It’s all or nothing with me, yep I am jealous! That ‘hammock thing’ 😎 would be a different story tho.

    1. Maybe what needs to happen is an entire restructuring of the day to account for your 5-6 hr nap time? Run it by the boss and go from there…

  14. I’d write something, but…yawn…it’s my naptime.

    1. Yawn — I’m with you there — and I just woke up.

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