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No Crappy Coffee!

I love coffee. The stronger the better. I tend to take it black without cream or sugar since a long tome ago I decided why ruin a perfectly good cup of coffee by trying to figure out how to drink it. Just drink it. Which leads me to a simple question: why tolerate crappy coffee at home?

Generally, for convenience I use an automatic drip machine to brew my coffee. It’s nothing fancy but it gets the job done. Since I am the only one in my house that drinks the stuff I generally brew it on the stronger side. At one time, I used to have an espresso maker — one of those monstrous machines that took up half the counter but that was a pain to clean and I’m what you’d classify as moderately to severely lazy.

When the Keurig machines came on the market, I thought now that might work for me. Until I tasted the coffee. I was not impressed. And the last thing I’d be able to tolerate is a crappy cup of coffee every day simply because I spent over $100 on the machine.

If only there were some way to avoid a crappy cup of coffee in my own kitchen! Wait? What’s that? You say there is a way to avoid some stagnant and putrid brew defiling my imported Italian glass and stainless coffee cups? In my opinion the best way to brew coffee is with a French press.

I have a glass one that I found at Marshall’s several years ago which makes a decent cup of coffee. In general French press coffee is stronger and perfect for cafe au lait or drinking it black. There is less of a bite than with espresso and if you have a way to froth the milk you can make cappuccino as well. Because the French press essentially “steeps” the coffee grounds, the brew retains the oils essential to the taste giving it greater, stronger flavor. Coffee filters in standard auto drips prevent this resulting the a standard smoother cup of coffee.

Recently I added a new stainless steel press to our kitchen. The benefit of the stainless is that it retains the heat so you can obtain a longer brew time and this results in a richer taste. The company El Gato Malo offered me the opportunity to try this product and offer my thoughts and so, here we go …

The El Gato Malo stainless press is sturdy and easy to clean. It also works somewhat better than my glass press. First, the coffee stays hotter, longer. Second, I am not concerned about it being broken accidentally. And third, it is really an attractive design.

In terms of taste, there is little between the glass press and this one — I found the brew from the stainless press to be less bitter but that may also have something to do with the grind of coffee I used. It did make a fine cup of coffee.

This stainless steel press would be perfect for camping, and I think it would be a welcome gift for any coffee drinker. Additionally, the press can be used to brew loose tea as well — something I’ve done, but not with this particular press. The press is unique enough that even if someone already has a French press this item would be an interesting addition to their kitchen

For promotional consideration the makers of the El Gato Malo Stainless steel coffee press have offered our readers a discount code to be used at the following Amazon Link. Just type in PLParent in the Promo Code box.

Updated: December 28, 2016 — 10:45 am


  1. I never really considered the benefits of stainless steel press over the glass one when I was purchasing one for my husband’s birthday several years ago. Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. 😉

    1. Now would be the time. Hit the after Christmas sales…

  2. Interesting concept. We usually prefer expresso but we also hate to clean the machine. This might just be worth a try.

    1. If you like expresso I think you will like this.

  3. I am all about my coffee and so is my hubby! I’ve thought of the kuerig combo with the carafe, so that is an option. We like to camp and at the delta, we don’t always have access to electrical, so a french press would be ideal! I love reading posts about others’ passion for coffee!

    1. I have to say, that I really like this product. Couldn’t recommend more. Thanks Terri.

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