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Open Hands of Sharing

A Samaritan confronts a man beaten and bloodied by the side of the road, an opposing candidate’s sign splintered on the ground — one enemy reaches for the other when he could, when every fiber of his being demands he should, turn his back and walk the hell away.

“Why should I help,” he asks himself, “Why should I bother because under normal circumstances this bleeding and beaten man would likely beat me until I bleed.”

And, yet he stops and stoops and poses a simple un-worded question expressed with his outstretched hand, “How can I be of service to you?”

Two rats will often fight to the death over some meager scrap of garbage; self-preservation occasionally overrides self-interest in dismal and destructive ways.

Survival becomes our only self-interest; nationalism, protectionism, isolationism, racism, classism, sexism are all forms of “self-presevation” guided solely by the misperception that the “self” faces a crisis of eradication at the hands of outside forces which lay viscous siege to the essence our very being — these ideologies are the garbage on which rats feed.

Moving beyond biases, blind spots and inadequacies means sharing despite the barriers of biases, blind spots and inadequacies; to ignore this seems like, well … madness.


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  1. Amen! These issues are designed to divide us… divide and conquer… and then no one will win, we all lose if we don’t learn to pull together… quickly!

    1. Hopefully we will learn. Hopefully…

  2. The problem is that so many do not accept others ways of doing things such as praying to a differing god, having differing eating habits, washing or using the toilet; and then there is the treatment of different sexes and legal choices and their rights especially in marriage and the law. One condition of residence (or even visiting ) should always be to respect the laws and customs of the land they are in.

  3. Well written, very well done.

  4. Madness to us maybe, but who are we to understand?

    My Silly Six Sentences!

    1. Even madness has its place, otherwise it would not exist… This is the path to understanding.

  5. We can be respectful of each other’s differences without personally agreeing or embracing their ideology. We can learn to live along side each other in friendship and peace. Hatred is not inborn, it is learned.

    1. Exactly! Why are so many blind to this?

    1. Thank you Zoe; and thanks for the prompt and the space you’ve created for all of us…

  6. can’t argue with that* The notion of personal reality is, by definition antithetical to common sense, but would go so far to reduce needless conflict

    * which, of course 1 is meant to both elicit curiosity and challenge

    1) I’m counting on this blog permitting html…lol and it (the superscript comment, not the blog) is one of those… fun with comments things

    1. Thank you Clark. As always your comments hit the nail on the head — with or without HTML enhancements…

  7. This is where the command to love they neighbor as thyself needs to become action not theory.

  8. Well said. It is very unfortunate that many perceive others’ differences as a threat or an insult to them. I’m guessing there may be some element of evolutionary instinct in that tendency, however. From an evolutionary perspective, differences can be a threat. What makes one group different can be what makes their genes dominate over another group. I wonder if something that may have had its roots in an instinct about survival has become a broader tendency within the human psyche – an indiscriminate fear of difference that has lost all logical connections to genetic survival. (Or, more likely, I’m rambling nonsense, and this is nothing to do with it at all!)

    1. I was just saying to a class the other day the same thing about our evolutionary reaction. Now, however we have reached a level of cognitive complexity that we should be capable of transcending the petty biases which weigh us down. And, while you might be rambling, it is surely not nonsense…

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