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Safety First!

The neighbor kids started using a basketball but it proved too heavy to shoot with a hockey stick. The six rode either skate boards or roller blades around the cul-de-sac taking turns shooting into a lacrosse net alternating between a tennis and a soccer ball.

Then someone upped the ante.

“Put the net at the end of our driveway,” he said. “No, there,” he added pointing down the steep asphalt incline.


The first nodded, “We skate down, shoot, score.”

“How will we stop?” someone asked, sensibly.

“Don’t worry; that’s why we have helmets. Who wants to play goal?”


A 99 word story with the prompt “Games” for Carrot Ranch Communications


Updated: June 13, 2017 — 10:53 am


  1. I always wondered. And now? I know. LOL but sorta not really LOL. 😉

    1. I know what you’re saying. Thanks Carol.

  2. And low deductibles! Great response to the prompt!

    1. I have my helmet on as we speak. I get a bonus on my health insurance as well as homeowners the longer I keep it on.

  3. uh oh! daredevils! Sounds like a few kids in my neighborhood!

    1. I’m certain these kids are running amok is everyone’s neighborhood right about now.

  4. This sounds fine to me. But then I did break my arm skating down a steep, wet lawn because my house was high above the street, and ain’t no one got time to walk down the steps and then put on their skates when they reach the road. In fairness, the grassy hill wasn’t my undoing – the slippery point at the bottom where it met the pavement was.

    1. Ouch! That does not sound good. I imagine many a child would exercise identical logic. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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