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Solving for X

I’m no mathematician.

My 9th grade Algebra teacher, 10th grade Geometry teacher, the tutor my dad paid for (who ended up winning a teaching award at a college he taught for), my wife and my daughter will all attest to that.

Having established my lack of numerical prowess, I am aware that sometimes you have to solve for X.

X is the variable, the wild card, the unexpected, the unexplainable.

Considering the fact that X can be unexpected and unexplainable, the pending answers are often as unrelentingly elusive, contradictory or confounding as their questions.

But solve for X we must.

At times, even our best efforts to adequately solve for X fall ridiculously short.

We move in maniacal circles, back and forth over our calculations, and not only is the equation we’ve attempted solve un-restrained and unconfined, well it has morphed into something altogether inconceivable.

Other times our solution for X is the right one, however we just did a lousy job with the interior calculations of the problem and we second guess our work.

The result we formulated seems like result we want however we transformed the wrong integers and made a mess getting there. What a fiasco!

I guess the best we can really hope for is “passing” the test.

Honestly, we rarely get all the problems correct. But, then again we rarely get all the problems wrong either.

Bottom line: cross our fingers and play the odds.

Whenever we sharpen those #2 pencils for that exam, and we take a stab at finding whatever that damn X is hiding from us, perhaps this is really no more than an act of pure faith. Faith in the numbers, faith in the odd, and the faith in our abilities no matter how limited or meager.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to keep repeating: “All I need is a 70. All I need is a 70.”



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Updated: April 28, 2017 — 12:00 pm


  1. I love algebra. Possibly because I know the answer is there. Even if it’s complicated, if you use logic and follow the rules, you can solve it. Life in general isn’t like that.

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