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She was the stuff of legend

images-5Dennis said, “The boy needs a dog.”

I was almost two. My parents had their hands full and were not so convinced. Being ex-Navy, strong willed and forceful my uncle insisted, “A boy needs a dog.”

She was a Shepard-Collie mix and I named her Tinker. We were inseparable.

Our yard was fenced and I was not to leave. One day I jimmied the gate and escaped. Inside my mom heard frantic barking. Outside at driveway’s edge, several feet from the road, she found me pinned beneath Tinker, apprehended. Dennis was right — seems I needed that dog after all.


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Updated: January 27, 2016 — 7:15 pm


  1. He was right. Girls need dogs too.


      That they do Liv, that they do. My daughter has her Welsh Corgi and no tighter bond have I ever seen…

  2. Dennis had the right idea! Perhaps as the boy grew, Tinker allowed for adventures? There’s something wholesome about growing up with a dog.


      Tinker used to wait for me at the corner of our block when I walked home from elementary school. She’d leave the yard, saunter to the stop sign and sit patiently waiting. She never ran to me, or from me… she just waited. As the present slips into the past I have noticed as of late that I miss certain things with deep un-abiding pangs — my grandfather, Tinker, the laughter of our baby girls, my wife’s weightless and innocent smile… rare things not seen or heard in a long while…

  3. A boy and his dog. A beautiful relationship. Nice story.


      Thank you Valerie.

  4. i got a dog and had anxiety attacks over the poo everywehere. I dont think im a dog person. cats though….different story.


      Cat, dogs, it’s all good. We have two cat at the moment.

  5. I swear I commented on this…maybe it was on FB or Twitter. I love it – such a special relationship, that between a pet and their person. This is a story even a cat lover can love! 🙂
    Also, unrelated, I quite love how “regular” your front page looks – very organized and visually “even.” I know I’m not making sense. I’m trying to get mine to look like that and can’t. Send me a message or something and tell me how you get that to happen! I’m theme shopping, I guess.


      Thank you Lisa. I will look into the comment thing. And, thanks for the compliment on the page. We like the format of it as well so many get “busy” looking.

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