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Weary World

Mother Earth has been at this a rather long time.

According to science roughly 4.5 billion years. That’s a long workday. A myriad of natural systems working night and day, day and night with little rest. No weekends; no holidays. Just constant toil to keep the balance just so.

And her reward?


Well, not just condos.

We’ve also created massive tracts of open land out of forests of every variety. We’ve scraped layer after layer of rock, dirt and other strata searching for things we value — metals, minerals, fuel.

Actually, we’ve gotten pretty good and leaving holes in the ground and rotten stumps pretty much everywhere we go. As well as fouled up streams, rivers, lakes and ponds. Don’t get me started on the oceans. 

After all, it is our birthright is it not. “The world was made for man,” we have been told repeatedly. “This is conquest; we must subdue this world at all cost.”

What about that cost?

Species extinction, rising sea levels, environmental degradation, famine, melting ice caps… this list seems dauntingly endless.

This world needs a break. Daily, she’s showing us how weary she’s grown.

Thing is, she’s not weary of the jellyfish, harbor seals, elk or polar bears.

No, Mother Earth is fed up with us.

Maybe, after the millennia spent making this planet our captive, we might offer her something?

Maybe we could set her free…


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